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Building Awareness Through Tea

Our tea is blended in Schuyler, Virginia just off the banks of the Rockfish River.

The service of tea has been incorporated through cultures around the world for thousands of years. As time went on, many places chose to outsource their caffeine through unsustainable means. Our aim is to reconnect people with their tea, whether that be with the true tea plant in Asia or yaupon shrubs in the USA. We want to show consumers what plants can do for our body, mind, and the local communities here in VA. It's important to us that folks know about their local ecology and how the wild plants growing in their own backyards can be safely consumed. Humans have always shared an intrinsic connection with plants. The elements of heat, water, and ingredients from the earth bind with our spirit and lead us to a healthier way of living.
The earth has always done its part in providing us with with the resources necessary to live healthy lifestyles. It's our responsibility as a small business to leave this planet in better shape than when we arrived. Our commitment to sustainable business practices can be seen through our use of recycled packaging products as well as certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients in all of our blends.
Buying this tea supports growers in Virginia and helps to educate our local communities about the sustainable harvesting of wild ingredients.